Sunday, 21 April 2019


~ RUMI ~

taking time out for ourselves these days can sometimes feel like a guilty pleasure, especially when we seem to have to much to do...
that said, it is important, especially as our lives seem to run on over-drive to take time for us, me time, whatever that may be, to be present in the moment, not thinking of the past or the future but the here and right now

relax, breathe deeply and focus
it's all about the journey, not the finished piece šŸ˜Š

I love doodling and adding in zentangles

they are great for eye-hand coordination and are particularly effective for re-building motor skills

drawing these mosaic like tiles within your design draws out the stress within, with the calming intricate strokes

practicing mindfulness is a key component to our health and creating is one of my favourites ways in which to get this meditative practice into my day

the finished piece framed and ready for shipping off to baby Hattie

colouring and doodling is not just for kids, why should they have all they fun, that's my excuse  anyway 

see how you get on, its ultimately relaxing


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