Wednesday, 11 April 2012


...its that time again when crafting desks/spaces from around the globe are open for viewings via your PC screen and a click of a button and why??...cos we're all just a bit nosey and really do need to see if our desk isn't the only messy one!!...
...we do this via the loVely Julia at ...
...go on take a peek we're waiting...

...this wednesday i'm showing what i made from last weeks desk...

...I've not done a 12 by 12 before and I couldn't quite get to grips with it, it just seemed such a huge space...I'm out of my comfort zone...the driftwood & shells are from Eastbourne's shore...

...amongst the little stones I found these 3 hearts which I stuck onto the driftwood & made into hangers for my Tag Swap friends...

...kinda cute & all natural, the girls loVed them...

...I saved the best till last...look my badge arrived! thankyou so much Julia :) ...

...thats my work space...I'm off to see yours...


  1. Love it and I know what you mean about being out of your comfort zone. I look at a 12x12 anything and go, nah lol! Nicely done.

  2. Love the seaside layout all those wonderful natural elements very clever, and those little drift wood keepsakes for your friends are just adorable!!!, Have a fun creative week, Hugs May x x x No15

  3. Wow, what an incredible project!!! Looks amazing with all those time worn pieces, will make a stunning piece of wall art!!!
    Astrid 33

  4. Love your beachy driftwood art! Have fun WOYWWing!

  5. Mel, I personally prefer to work with a larger canvas. I have trouble working small because I find it restrictive. My hats off to you with your beach inspired beauty. The drift wood is the perfect touch for this lovely piece of art. Have a super WOYWW from # 9 this week!

  6. Wow , love driftwood tags , they are beautiful!! I would buy those!! Have a great week hugs tracex 61

  7. Love those driftwood tags and the 12x12 looks great, I love working with more space, even if the actual art on thr page is small, I like having all that clean space around it to give emphasis to the art. jo xx

  8. Beautiful beachy work. I've not done anything 12x12 .... one day, one day!

  9. Wow, love that 12 by 12 canvas - those would sell like hot cakes in little chi-chi shops in Marlborough!! I love the whole beachy thing - those tags are fun too :D
    Hugs, LLJ ~3 xx

  10. Hello Yorkshire lady from Lancashire lass, no war of the roses here. I admire your work to much the driftwood is fantastic.
    One I Made Earlier Today

  11. Yay! You got your badge too!! Your work is just beautiful! I can't wait to see more of it. Thanks for sharing your space!

    Amy E. #30

  12. Ooh Mel I like! The canvas really caught my eye and I loved what I saw then I scrolled down, more candy for the eye. Very beachy and shabby chic too I think.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #10 xx

  13. Love your canvas and the drift wood hangers. I too always collect "magic" stones shaped like hearts and also ones with holes in or near perfect round flat ones. I used to set my DDs the task of finding these whenever we were on a beach.
    Hope to get some next week in Cromer.
    Thanks for popping by.

  14. I just love the canvas and the drift wood if fabulous! So very creative. Thanks for sharing!

  15. loving your altered canvas and driftwood
    have a fab crafty week and
    happy woyww

  16. I love that! Using natural stuff you picked up too, perfect. Take care, enjoy WOYWW snooping! Love Zo xx 74

  17. They are amazing pieces of work. We collect driftwood and heart stones but don't do anything with them. Ummmmmmm x

  18. Mel, Love what you have done with driftwood and stones - cool. Thanks for visiting my space and perhaps the 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" size of an ATC will suit you better than the 12x12. Here's to TAG journals. BJ #42

  19. Life is simple at the beach, and your 12x12 is clean and simple - perfect! I've never seen heart-shaped stones before and love love love them. :)

    Susan #130-ish

  20. Love the tags - the stones/hearts are just so sweet! And you'll get used to the size of a 12 x 12 canvas - my best advice is go with your gut instinct and it'll work out fine!

  21. oh what fun!!!! I have been collecting drift wood and love it!!!! Happy WOYWW!!!!

  22. All lovely but especially love the tags
    Suzanne #96

  23. Lovely work - thanks for sharing.


  24. Have you tried "inchies" ....the first time I even cut out a piece of paper that tiny to begin I just laughed.... but it was fun once I got onto it..


  25. That's how I feel about 12 x 12, too, but yours looks great!

    Happy woyww!

    #48, I think.

  26. You are very brave to start with a 12"* 12"space. I would feel helpless too. Love your gorgeous tags with these heart shaped stones. Thanks for sharing and hope you have a crafty week. xFranka #11

  27. I remember the stones from last week thanks for sharing, they look great
    janet #19

  28. burlap is a wonderful material and it goes so well with the beach items. happy WOYWW, happy Easter season and thanks for sharing!
    blessings and hugs from #23
    peggy aplSEEDS

    1. Hi Mel - what fabulous makes - such treasures from the beach. Lucky you! Sorry I'm late hopping over, yesterday was manic here! Belated Happy WOYWW. Di xx

  29. I really love the bits and pieces from the beach. I collect them on my walks quite often and they sit around. They could make lovely wind chimes, except they would rattle. I have a bamboo version that is sweet.
    Take care,
    Ros #90

  30. Gorgeous card, glad to see another official badge wearer
    Sophie x

  31. Wow these are fabulous honey, huggles Pops x

  32. Love the seaside ephemera and the pale coastal colours too, the stone hearts are fab. The 12"x12" page size is daunting, especially when you are used to creating beautiful projects on a somewhat smaller scale - I can remember being very tentative with the first few pages I made ... never to see the light of day because they were so terrible :) You have a distinctive style that looks incredible on any size of project. Elizabeth x #26

  33. Hi Mel

    I found your blog via Elizabeth .. .. wow what a lovely find!

    You have some gorgeous creations here and fabulous photographs.

    Love the picture of the fox you have as your profile.

    Looking forward to seeing lots more of your lovely work.

    Love Jules xx

  34. First of all, let me say that I love the name of your blog. Now on to your art. Love the beach theme and isn't it a great badge. #25

  35. I'm a little out of my comfort zone on working on larger pieces too....but you did a fabulous job with your 12x12 Mel...gorgeous natural embellies...and I just LOVE the driftwood hangers with the little heart stones!!
    Jan x

  36. Gorgeous hanging and the heart stones are stunning. I'm not sure I could manage a 12by12 space either but you have done an amazing job. I have my woyww badge as well, I'm planning on wearing mine to the artsycraft weekend by OH treated me to. Happy woyww :-) Kezzy x

  37. You may feel out of your comfort zone but your 12x12 piece looks fantastic! I can see why the recipients loved the heart stones on the wood! Wow!
    xoxo Karen

  38. I love that bucket. I like anything to do with the beach Mel so therefore I adore your little driftwood heart rock hangers. I wish I had been in your tag swap! Michelle x


...thank you so much for taking the time to drop by my blog...Mel :)