Saturday, 15 September 2012


...kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see...
- Mark Twain -
...hello everyone just a quick posting today, I'm sharing with you a Birthday day card I made for my beautiful Daughter who was 27 yesterday, & who is one of these crazy people who thinks PINK is the only colour in the spectrum...

...the papers are from: My Minds Eye: Memory Keepers: Tim Holtz...
...all the Die Cuts are from Sizzix & Tim Holtz Alterations for Sizzix...
...the heart was inked with pickled raspberry & crackled, the flower centers are candy from CraftWork Cards, a touch of idea-ology...
...not overly pink but enough to keep her happy...
...also & much to my surprise, Danielle's Hubby who is a Carpenter by trade asked if he could make a card for Dani too so I left him to it and this was the result...
...well for a first time card with burley carpenters hands he has quite a delicate touch, I was impressed, people can really surprise you!...
...thank you for dropping by today...


  1. This is just gorgeous,love the details and

  2. Oh Mel you made so wonderful pieces.
    So gorgeous Details.
    Love them so much.

  3. Hi Mel, I love your beautiful card for Danielle, it is so blingy and gorgeous. Danielle's hubby has done an amazing job on his card too, you would never guess he was a burley carpenter but I guess they are quite good with their hands..... Crafty hugs, Anne x

  4. Two beautiful cards there Mel. A particular well-done to Danielle's hubby! Hope Danielle is keeping well, and baba too.
    Funnily enough I've just finished making my daughter's card today, ready for her birthday next month. She also thinks pink is 'it', haha. Enjoy the rest of your weekend :0) x

  5. A beautiful card for your daughter for her special day!!! Wow her hubby did a great job, he has learnt from you I am sure! Much love trace x

  6. Hi Mel, Gorgeous card but I think you've got competition!!
    Avril xx

  7. Hi Mel

    You've made an amazing card for Danielle and her husband has done a fabulous job for a beginner. As Avril said I think you've got competition. I love all of the colours and textures on your card. I'm sure Danielle was delighted with your make. Have a great weekend and thank you for the lovely comment on my blog.

    Sarah x

  8. They are both so lovely Mel! Hope Danielle had a wonderful day! xx

  9. I love your card, the tones of pink stop it being too bubble-gummy, if you know what I mean?! And didn't your SiL do well?? Awesome card, made with love :D
    Hugs, LLJ xx

  10. Hey Mel - your card is delightful and I love the colors. I also love all the layers. Good Fathers!! Her husband did a great job with his card. I know your daughter will cherish both cards. I just had to look at those colors on your card again - they are so pretty.

  11. Beautiful card Mel, I love the textures, especially in the heart, it's so rich in depth, and what can I say about her DH's card? WOW, he is good, I think he must be a closet crafter, surely this isn't his first. I'm sure your daughter will love both of her great cards.

  12. Stunning card Mel you made for Dani.. she will love it!! as for her husband his card is wow!! you will have to keep an eye on your crafty goodies he is a natural.. two beautiful cards for your gorgeous daughter to cherish.. Hugs May x x x

  13. I'm afraid my guilty pleasure is pink so for me, this is a dream of a card!! I don't know what it is about pink - never grown up I suppose!The heart and wings are just fantastic all on the corrugated card frame which I love. I'm sure your daughter will be over the moon with this card.
    Her husband has done an amazing job hasn't he? There's a delicacy going on there which I'm not sure my husband has, much as I love him!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  14. Stunningly lovely card you made - the heart and wings are to die for! And that's an amazing first effort from the Carpenter - he's been paying close attention, clearly... Hope you've all had a great time celebrating the birthday!
    Alison x

  15. I love the card you made Mel, but it blew me away that her husband asked to make a card! wow, you don't hear that often enough, tell him kudos on being a wonderful man! and his card ain't too bad either! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. Gorgeous card Mel, beautifully embellished....I'm a pink lover too!! ;)
    Wow... are you sure your SiL's card was a first attempt!! I reckon he has been practicing with your crafty stash while your not looking!!
    Hope your daughter had a fabby birthday!!
    Enjoy what's left of the weekend!
    Jan x

  17. This is a beautiful card Mel and your daughter is going to love it. I feel she may be surprised and excited by her hubby's attempts(which I may add are fantastic).

  18. Yours is seriously fabulous with that crackled and glittered heart!!! His is crazy amazing...even the petals are curled...I'm blown away!!! What a man!

  19. Wow Mel, both cards are fab and good on your son in law. It's nice that he even thought of making her a card, a handmade one will be so much more special to her.

    LOL re the pink, I'm guessing it's not your favourite colour then but you did a great job with the pickled raspberry and the crackle, love the depth with the rosette too.

    Hope she had a wonderful birthday.

    Sam xxxx

  20. Loving both of the cards, methinks you have a great assistant there. xx

  21. Brilliant cards. Well done to her husband for making one--I bet she will be blown away with that.

    Love Chrissie xx

  22. WOW Mel what a beautifull card and concrats to you and your daughter!!!
    The Hubby card is also sweet!
    Greetz Patricia

  23. Wow, Mel these are gorgeous. Love all the pink. Your design is fab as always, love the crackled heart.
    I must say though I'm impressed, first of all by you for letting a GUY in your crafty space and then by the results of what he came up with. What a stunning card. Loving his flowers and is that a Timmie metal hanger I see there? He was brave using that - NOBODY touches my Timmie stash!!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend. xx

  24. The family that creates together stays together. Those are both wonderful cards. Happy birthday to your daughter.

  25. Thanks for sharing this sweet story. He sounds like a keeper for sure.

  26. For a first time card maker, your SIL did a fantastic job. Far better than I could possibly do. Both are simply gorgeous. Happy belated birthday to your daughter, too, as I try catching up on your blog entries (still fighting that computer bug).

  27. Your card ist adorable Mel I love each detail ...gorgeous!
    and his first card is amazing! stunning!

    xxx Susi/froebelsternchen

  28. What a talented carpenter and a wonderful husband too. Both fabulous cards Mel. Love all those layers. I have a surprise on my blog for you....... Michelle xx

  29. Your card for your daughter is just beautiful. And wow - the carpenter hands did quite a good job on his card. He has more embellishes on it than what I put on my cards!!!

    I hope your daughter had a great birthday.



...thankyou so much for taking the time to drop by my blog...I hope you like what you see...warm wishes...Mel :)