Monday, 6 February 2012


...a few days ago we have had a bucket load of snow dumped on us...being on the South Coast this is fairly rare but seems to be happening a little more often, it doesn't last to long and is always pretty but alas today has been the big melt!...

...there are certain times in life when you have to do a double take and today I had one of those moments, I rushed to get the camera and hoped it hadn't gone by the time I got see outside my back door is a huge Conifer Tree and it was laden with snow, all the branches groaning under the weight...then in the space of the afternoon it had all melted...that is except for this pure white Snow Heart...i zoomed in as much as i could but my camera is small... made me smile...


  1. Lovely post and a great photo, it certainly does look like a love heart :)

    I wish all our snow would thaw, yesterday it all just froze, but hopefully the temperatures will get above freezing today and it will start to thaw - fingers crossed anyway!! Luv Karen xx

  2. A great find Yorkshire Fox. Definitely a hearty tree! Best wishes......Foxy1 xx

  3. Mel what a lovely picture, its sooooo beautiful the little snow heart x x x Hugs May x x x

  4. I can see why it made you smile - amazing!

  5. So lovely! Isn't nature wonderful Mel?! x

  6. Lucky you!!! Such a great find! Wonder what it means? I got a pic of a heart "cloud" when things like this happen:)


...thankyou so much for taking the time to drop by my blog...I hope you like what you see...warm wishes...Mel :)