Monday, 25 June 2012

12 TAGS of 2012: JUNE what you can with what you have where you are...
- Theodore Roosevelt -

...hello everyone, hope you've all had a happy crafting I'm sharing with you my take on Tim's Tag for's going to be a brief posting as my weekend has been most eventful and I'm way behind, a Son with a 2 day temperature of 40' a weird rash & a trip to the Hospital, then lots of nursing the good old fashioned way of cooling flannels...gosh even at the age of 25 the worry continue's...anyways here is my Tag...

...I admit this tag was very rushed & could of been a lot better but inbetween paracetamo'ls & mop downs time and my energy were little so lots of improvisation again and the name plate is actually fine grade sand paper! as is the tiny tab, I make use of everything I can...

...thankyou for dropping by today, a big hello to my new followers...have a wonderful week everyone, & enjoy what your doing where ever you are...


  1. What a gorgeous tag with a lovely vintage feel to it.

    Sorry to hear about your son and hope is on the mend now

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. A gorgeous tag Mel, love the colours you have used and how resourceful you are in using sandpaper!! what great ideas you always have.

    I hope your son is on the mend now - it must have been very worrying x

  3. Great tag. I love the reclycled bits!

  4. I've not seen Tim's tag for June, so this one looks perfect to me. Of course, I think everything you make looks pretty special.

    SO sorry to read about your son. I hope he's better soon. I suspect they are never too old to worry about. I hope your week goes better than the weekend did.

  5. Loving your wonderful tag Mel and hope your son is feeling a lot better now. Annette x

  6. Morning Mel,
    Love the tag, you've captured the Timmie look perfectly.
    Hope your son's feeling better - they're never too old to worry about are they! It sounds like he has what my grandson had at the beginning of last week, there's a lot of it about.
    Have a great week, love Linda x

  7. Fabulous tag mel! Hope your son is on the mend! I don't think the worry ever stops! My son is 16 this year and he is going on a football trip on Thursday for 4 days - Me worried! He'll have a fabulous time! I know exactly what you mean!

    Sarah x

  8. Love your fabulous tag, I hope your son is now

  9. Oh Mel what a wonderful vintage Tag.
    Amazing design and the image is too cute.
    Love them. xoxo

  10. Mel, your tag is fabulous! Consider the constraints you had this weekend and the improvisation, you have done an amazing take on Tim's tag. Sandpaper (!?!) - wow, it looks amazing. I love the whole thing. Hope your Son has much improved today, they never stop being a worry.........even into their 40s. Crafty hugs, Anne x

  11. What a story in one weekend, i hope your son is well now!
    Your tag is BEAUTIFULL!!!
    Have a nice day Mel!
    Greetz from Patricia

  12. What a weekend! You may have been rushed, but your tag is stunning! I love all the cool elements you added and the distressed edging. Amazing!

  13. What an amazing tag Mel..especially with all the stress of the weekend!! Hope your son is feeling heaps better now...Mmmmm I don't think the worry ever stops...mine are in their teens and twenties now..and give me plenty to worry about LOL!! Have a lovely week!
    Jan x

  14. oh poor you and your poor son, i do hope he is a bit better today! wow cannot believe you have madesuch a great job of this tag under such pressure! i love the gentle touch you have, simply lovely crafty hugs trace x

  15. Hope your son is on the mend.
    I love that you say 'flannel'. Where I live that is not a common word,
    I find myself explaining what I am talking about quite often.
    It was passed to me by my mother.
    Her Mom and Grandmother used the term.
    Fun tag work. Hope your week is good too.

  16. Gosh, that must have been such a worry Mel, hope your son is ok now! Can't believe how you found time to make this gorgeous tag... hoping to join in with Tim's challenge myself before the end of June
    Alison xox

  17. Hi mel, sure hope he is feeling better, did they figure out what it was? Your tag looks awesome, amazing you can do such a fantastic job on it considering you are playing nursemaid too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  18. Hoping son is mUch better Mel :)
    Love the tag. I've never looked at the actually challenge site before - very interesting. So much equipment and skill involve tho'! WoW! Haha
    Have a better week :0)

  19. Oh Mel, I hope his temperature has come down now. Amazing tag by the way, love the music notes and the film strip. I have that but don't know what to do with it yet.
    Michelle x

  20. Fantastic tag Mel . Mine is still waiting to be posted. Hope your son gets better soon,
    x catherine

  21. with your hands full you still manage to produce something fab.
    did I see you post somewhere that you are coming down for the extravaganza next weekend?? I might bump into you if your down on the sat.
    take care, mark

    1. Hi Mark, yes hoping to come up on the Saturday, I've never been to the Craft Barn before so hopefully I won't get lost! :)

  22. Hope your son soon recovers Mel

    Wow Mel, wonderful tag, rushed or not, it's fabulous.

    Sam xxx

  23. Sounds you need some energy but when i look at your great tag, i see the loving mother - power (:o)
    xoxo Elly

  24. Gorgeous tag, Mel, though how you managed it with all that going on beats me!
    Sending lots of get well wishes for your Son, hope he's on the mend!
    Hugs Jo x

  25. Mel, Fabulous take on Tim's June tag! Great touch with the old word page behind the picture! I have not started! Hope your son is feeling better! We always worry about our children at any age! Have fun!

  26. Oh Mel. Sounds like you've been up to your eyes in it. Hope things are improving now with the little one. They look so helpless at that age.
    As for your tag, well it is lovely. Great idea with the sandpaper. I think we are all having to improvise with these - it's good to see how everyone does this. Thanks for all your lovely comments too. Hugs, Buttons x

  27. Love this tag Mel , this vintage style is fabulous well done Hugs Elaine

  28. What a wonderful tag - I love the vintage look and all the little bits and pieces you used - they are just perfect.

  29. Gorgeous tag Mel... love the vintage feel to this love the background and detail.. Love it!!! I hope your Son is doing ok... and is on the road to recovery!! Hugs May xx x

  30. What a sweet vintage photo, love this look. Hope you son is feeling better, even though they are adults, it's hard not to worry about them! Barb


...thank you so much for taking the time to drop by my blog...Mel :)