Sunday, 27 May 2012


...friendship makes life a thousand times more sweet...
-Anon- I'm sharing with you a mini canvas 7'-5''s a total experiment I've never done decoupage before but see what you think, I'd really appreciate your feedback on whether it's good, bad or just plain ugly...

...I tore pieces of colourful print from the Lush Shop Newspaper & arranged them on the canvas then Mod Podged over the whole lot & set aside to dry...I then dabbed some Spun Suger DI on my worksheet added a drop of white emulsion & drops of water to make a wash which I painted all over the canvas this was to get a shabby effect...

...out came the bubblewrap added some gold shimmer artist acrylic & randomly dabbed, the same with white & extra large bubblewrap, yep they do extra large!...Andy Skinner's word stamp & some random paint runs...

...a cute embossed butterfly & you may be able to see the word happy in gold...'s difficult to capture shimmer, I hope you can see it, this paint is gorgeous...

...would I give this a go again I'm not sure as there's so potential for error, but thats how we learn I suppose...

...thank you for dropping by today...



  1. Hi Mel

    Well you've crammed so many textures and techniques on to your canvas - its fabulous! How could anyone not love it!

    Also loving your Tim's tag on the post below that is also totally gorgeous and love the hanger you made from a paperclip - so creative.

    Hope you are enjoying all this sunshine.

    Catch up soon teamie!


  2. Hi Mel, I agree totally with Tina, what's not to like. You have been so adventurous and I love that (so much fun). My fav bits are the gold with the bubble wrap (I can never get that right) and the dribbles of the white paint - very inventive. I do like Andy Skinner's stamps too so that is also a winner for me. All in all, a brilliant effort and a wonderful result. Someone (don't know who) said there are no mistakes in Art - only happy accidents.........I rest my case! Crafty hugs, Anne x

  3. Very impressive collage and decoupage. I've never heard of Andy Skinner (once again I admit, I am not much of a stamper), but I like your completed piece. My only complaint would be that your glue is called MOD Podge (grin). Other than that, this is a real winner!!

  4. I am smiling 'cause as I was looking at it, I was thinking about Elizabeth and then I go to comment and see she has just beaten me here! Now personally I love Mod Podge, (grinning at Elizabeth's comment), I love all the drippies and the butterfly, and really love how you finished off the edge to your canvas! It's beautiful! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. I love this and think you have done an amazing job, especiallly for a new thing!!!!, now all you have tho do is find somewhere to hang it!!! Hugs trace x

  6. WOW Mel this is so GORGEOUS!!!!!!
    Love all the beautifull details, and yes i see the word happy and this peace of ART makes me HAPPY!
    Well done!!!!!!!!
    Greetz Patricia

  7. Hiya, how lovely your mod podge canvas looks [I love doin the mod podging, thingy messy, grungy, creations] Your shimmering colour palette is gorgeous. And I like the simplicity of the butterfly touch too.

  8. WOW!! Mel, this is fabulous..AmAzing job love the colours of the papers you used and the runs of paint.. the bubble wrap effect is fab!! Lovin the gold paint.. Gorgeous... Being honest young lady... Simply BRILLANT my Friend!! Hugs May x x x

  9. I don't understand much of what you said there, (it's like a foreign language) but the end result is very pleasing to mine eye ;)
    Mo x

  10. This is stunning Mel....I love the colours you have used. Great project.
    Debbie x

  11. Yes, it's cool. I like it too. I call this style *artsy* (:o)

  12. It looks amazing Mel, & remember, there are no mistakes in art! xx


...thank you so much for taking the time to drop by my blog...Mel :)